Antique Lumber can be used in an unlimited number of ways but our most popular, specialized service is the creation of unique Custom Walls that have our Wall Coverings expertly installed in various lengths.

This really allows the uniqueness of the grains in our beautiful boards to shine and allows us to create walls with texture and feel — with patterns of various boards.

We have years of experience designing and custom milling these elaborate arrangments to custom fit walls of any size and offer Custom White-Glove Woodcrafting Services to design them to be seamless with any interior design.

We can with our Custom Walls really make rooms both “Blend” together seamlessly and retain a truly unique, plank to plank warmth.

We can create designs with almost unlimited amounts of detail work in just about any style to fit or create themes or memorialize or symbolize something — Murals, Symbols, Artwork Embedded in the Wood, anything is possible.

This is the foundation of our Business and our other services can both complement and be incorporated in an interior design theme as a whole and create entirely seamless interiors. Matching Mantels & Beams, Furniture, Decor, Lighting, ETC:

Can all be Planned, Designed, Constructed & Installed with us here at The Barnhouse Company.

Contact Us today for more information, available stock or to request us to work one-on-one with you and bring your dreams to reality!