The BarnHouse Company said “Let There Be Light!” we specialize in creating Custom Furniture, Doors and Artistic Home Decor out of reclaimed materials and specifically; Antique Barn Wood Lumber.Our craftsman & his team have years of experience creating all kinds of Custom Decorative Furniture and incorporating them into lavish, rustic interior designs.

And this includes creating Custom Lighting fixtures out of our specialty — Reclaimed Antique Barn Wood Lumber.

Custom Lamps of all kinds, for Desks, Tables. Lavish Chandeliers, Barber Station Lighting, Custom “Row” Fixtures, Sliding Rail Lights.

Anything and everything is possible with our team here at The BarnHouse Company!

Add some rustic, retro accents to any home or businesses interior. Contact Us today to discuss your project, nothing is too big or too small for us to do for you!