Beams, Arches — elegant, powerful. They are the pillars of modern architecture. Antique Lumber can add back in that “Homey” atmosphere to your modern space even with Beams.

We also supply all of the common sizes of pre-made beams for Installation and offer Custom White-Glove Woodcrafting Services to design them to be seamless with any interior design.

This works especially in interior design situations where you just want a “Splash” of it, or alternatively to fully complete the “Antique” vibe you already have.

Talking about powerful elegance, at The BarnHouse Company we also specialize in accents and designs of Antique Reclaimed Barnwood for Fireplace Mantels as well as other various Home Decor such as upper shelving, art pieces, etc.

Contact Us today for more information, available stock or to request us to work one-on-one with you and bring your dreams to a reality!