We pride ourselves on our professional, quality craftsmanship when it comes to our in-house installation services. We are meticulous in our application approach – with an eye to fit and finish, cleanliness and customer care with white-glove satisfaction.

The application of our antique, reclaimed barn boards as wall covering is an art form that we take seriously. It can be done conventionally, and unconventionally in truly limitless creative bounds.

We not only have our own BarnHouse Company installation team, but we also provide names of trusted contractors that will be able to help you in your area if we ourselves can’t cross over to your pond!

But we do much more than just Wall Coverings, we also have a team of Artists and Wood Craftsmen who have tens of years of experience creating custom Home Decor, Furniture, Doors, Mantels, Shelving, Cabinetry, Lighting… They can and will build it all!

We offer this with truly Splinterless, white-glove quality.

Every step from your concepts being made into a design to material selection, construction and installation can be entirely handled by us with you, one-on-one to create one of a kind piece of art or create lavish rooms that can only be deemed “Downright Beautiful!

Contact Us today, let us make your dreams come true!