The BarnHouse Company ruefully constructs Barn Doors to custom fit your space using a variety of hanging/roller hardware and traditional swing style hardware based upon your needs.

We use parts of reclaim to create custom fit rollers, sliders and other various mounting methods with infinite possible aesthetic designs.

We like getting our hands dirty metal working various hinges and etc. To really make a piece special, we mostly do all of our Creative Projects by hand.

Real blood, sweat and tears go into our Creative Projects.

We have many styles of doors and finishes so please Contact Us to discuss style, size and pricing.

We can also make a variety of conventional doors or provide door coverings on request. Anything that has to do with Wood, Doors or Furniture, we do it!

Creation & Design, Delivery & Installation. We can arrange everything and do every step of a full re-design of an interior, or simply add some classic rustic flair to any interior design project with our Beams & Mantels or Wall Coverings.

Please Contact Us for more information!